Volunteer With Us!


As a private, nonprofit agency, Destiny House relies heavily on the dedicated involvement of volunteers to succeed in its mission.

Beyond serving as unpaid staff, volunteers act as liaisons between the Destiny House community and the public at large. With no paid program staff members, volunteers play a crucial role in delivering services for the residents. Their presence not only helps to expand the services that can be offered, but also brings fresh energy and enthusiasm to the staff and clients.

We are currently seeking volunteers to work at the shelter. 

The first step for all new volunteers is to attend volunteer orientation. Pre-registration is required.

To register, please email willie.destinyhouse@live.com with the following information:
-- Days and hours you are most likely to be available to volunteer
-- Names and mailing addresses of all attendees

Orientation dates will be set as needed

Orientation includes:
-- information about Destiny House programs, policies, and procedures
-- a tour of the shelter
-- detailed information about volunteer guidelines, roles, and job duties
-- the opportunity to request a specific volunteer job and schedule.

Please call 660-422-6200 for more information about the volunteer orientation.

Please note: Anyone under the age of 18 must be directly supervised by an adult volunteer, and any children who accompany adult volunteers should be at least 12 years old.

Below are descriptions of our volunteer opportunities. Most volunteers make a once-a-week commitment, but we also need substitute volunteers who can fill in on an as-needed basis, and we can work with those who can volunteer for only a partial shift.


Staff Assistants
-- 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
-- 4:00 PM - midnight
-- midnight - 8:00 AM

-- Work closely with shelter staff during evening intake.
-- Answer phone calls and respond as appropriate.
-- Give tours to new residents and assist new residents with demographic surveys.
-- Assist staff with other tasks as needed.

Program Assistants

-- Fill in for any volunteer positions that are not covered.
-- Assist Staff Assistant during busy times.
-- Enter volunteer information into database.
-- Assist staff with other tasks as needed.

House Supply Volunteers

-- Distribute towels, personal care items, over the counter medications, mail, and laundry soap to residents.
-- Help keep house supply area clean and organized.
-- Assist staff with other tasks as needed.

Linens Volunteer

-- Distributes one set of bedding and one towel to each resident as they enter the intake area.
-- At end of shift, sets aside linens for residents with late reservations and puts away remaining clean linens.
-- Interacts with residents as they are entering the building.
-- Explains the Shelter's linen/laundry procedures to the residents.
-- Works closely with intake staff and may be asked to perform other duties to assist with intake such as re-stocking blankets, etc.
-- Volunteers may also help with donation drives for items such as food, blankets, or personal care items. We can provide more information to anyone interested in this type of project.

For more details about our volunteer program, please contact Willie Shields, at willie.destinyhouse@live.com or at (660) 422-6200.

Destiny House | 208 Emerson St., Warrensburg, MO 64093 | 660-422-6200 mailing address is PO Box 892 Warrensburg MO 64093